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Our GREATEST joy is watching our clients succeed. Before you read a few of their success stories, keep in mind…

1) These are all real clients. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write. 

2) Specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all extraordinary mortgage pros with tremendous work ethic. They worked their butts off and pushed through huge challenges to succeed. This is simple, but not easy. 

3) We have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. We take their word for it – we don’t ask for bank statements. Take it all with a grain of salt, if you like. This is just a small fraction of our success stories. Enjoy! 🙂

Jed Barker
Mortgage Broker
Greenville, SC

“I Went From 2 Deals/Month to 5X that in 2 Months!”

Doren Aldana – I’ve closed 10+ loans per month, 4 months in a row and mostly purchase business from referral partners. The principles taught in your program work. #1 is desire and belief. #2 is willingness to do the right things that are somewhat uncomfortable to do. #3 is to be committed and have the ability to deliver a world class experience to your clients and partners. When we spoke maybe 6 months ago, I believe I was just about to really catch my stride and your program was the extra thing I needed to make it pop. Thanks for the help brother!

Kirsten Dixon
Mortgage Broker at Florida Wholesale Mortgage, Tampa FL

"Doren helped me 6X my income in just 4 months!”

I’m a newbie loan officer, and for the first 3 months of my career I was doing it the hard way: cold calling Realtors, going to open houses, networking events, etc. I felt like I was hustling like crazy and yet I was only closing one deal per month. I was frustrated and stressed. Then I met Doren and everything changed. Within just 4 months, I’ve 6X’d my production (doing 6 deals per month)… without making a single cold call! And the best part is my pipeline keeps building. I’m so excited!

David Bradley
Owner of Just Mortgages Inc. Dallas, Texas

“My Income Grew By 100% in 4 Months!”

Before meeting Doren, my mortgage business was generating about $22,000 per month. I was frustrated with having to come up with marketing strategies to grow my business to the next level. I was looking for the silver bullet. We started FastTrak coaching with Doren and he has been nothing short of amazing. The ongoing coaching sessions, templates, tools and access to outside vendors have been invaluable. We are an idea powerhouse which has caused my business to explode. In just 4 short months, we have generated an extra $80,000 in revenue above our baseline! We have doubled our business in 4 months. This can only be attributed to strategies and accountability that Doren affords me. All successful entrepreneurs have coaches to help guide them and move them to the next level. I have found mine in Doren. Thanks Doren. I owe you a lot. All the best.”

Colleen Doyle
Mortgage Loan Specialist,
NFM Lending,
Columbus, OH

“Doren's Coaching I DOUBLED My Loans!”

I was able to double my leads and loans closed after implementing a few tools given to me from this coaching course. I learned so much valuable information. Thank you for sharing the arrows in your quiver to help me succeed and achieve my goals!

Chris Paliska
Loan Officer, Total Quality Lending, Tustin, CA

“I Increased My Business By 466% In Just 6 Short Months!”

I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about Doren’s methods. It all seemed too good to be true and, frankly, a bit cheesy. However, after seeing several rave reviews from Doren’s students I decided to commit to it and drink the “Doren Punch”. I’m so glad I did! After just 6 months of implementing Doren’s URMS system, I gained 10 solid producing Realtor relationships. The biggest win was that I have quadrupled my production (from 3 to 14 deals per month) in only 6 short months, thanks to Doren’s system!

Matt Padgett
President, Keystone Mortgage
Knoxville, TN

“Thanks to Doren’s Realtor Videos, I Now Have 3 New Realtors Who Are Sending Me Deals Every Single Month!”

I started using Doren’s “Done For You” videos about 6 months ago. Each video has relevant and time appropriate information for helping real estate agents grow their businesses. I reach over 800 agents each month through the realtor tips videos. This gives me a foot-in-the-door when making follow-up calls. The videos have helped me get in front of at least 8 realtors (one-on-one meetings). Of these, 3 of them have become solid partners who send me deals on a regular basis. Thank you, Doren!

Ben Davis
Northstar Mortgage
Mortgage Broker
Salem, OR

“I QUADRUPLED My Income in Just 6 Months in Spite of This 'Slow'' Market... All From Realtor Referrals!”

Since I got started in the mortgage business back in 2003, I’ve seen dozens of marketing programs offered by different companies that offered outlandish promises. And I’ve bought many of them. From old school direct mail campaigns, to all kinds of online advertising. But few programs really made a change in my business.

Some would have a temporary impact as the campaign rolled out, but most had diminishing returns where there wasn’t enough bang for the buck. Some programs were complete flops and a waste of money, whether the investment was big or small.

Mortgage Marketing Coach came at me from left field. I had no good approach for realtors and had only had tepid success building referral partners with my own methods. My approaches were unsuccessful enough that I gave up trying to recruit realtors as referral partners, and focused on my own marketing to get clients, which ebbed and flowed with the market and interest rates. This program turned that around.

There were great scripts with easy-to-learn language that sounds natural. There was powerful technology to find the realtors I wanted to work with, and warm them up so I didn’t have to do a single cold call. By the time I started rolling out the program, I was getting great results and the realtors I started working with were eager to give me leads to be able to use the systems that MMC made it possible to provide.

This program was able to accomplish in a few months what I hadn’t been able to accomplish in my whole career: Realtors willing to refer business consistently. Not to mention all the other tools that help me increase my client reviews, follow up with past clients, auto-run my social media posts, and bring my partners more buyers and sellers than they had before working with me. This is the real deal. This is a game changer in my career!

Timothy Bullock
First Time Homebuyer Specialist
Akron, Ohio

“Very Valuable Information!”

I have listened to Doren’s webinars for many years now and have recommended him to many other loan officers at my company. Doren always provides very valuable marketing information to help me grow my business and I value his knowledge in this field. If you get a chance to let Doren help you grow your business, do not miss the opportunity.

Austin Klein
Mortgage Broker
Prime Lending
Overland Park, KS


This program helped me realize I have all the tools internally to transform into a successful retail loan officer. It’s not a matter of skill or special magic pill – it’s just reorganizing how to approach referral partners to get them in to want to work with you.

It’s not manipulation. It’s not promising the world or different sales pitches that every other LO is pitching— this coaching program helps you organize exactly how to approach referral partners, what value you bring that you didn’t know you already have, and how to best implement the strategies to build true partnerships. Attract not chase.

It starts within and is followed up with smart work and proven routines. If you’re serious about taking your production to the next level but you don’t know how and are tired of cold calling with the same no’s and “I have 30 other LO’s pitching the same thing”, this program is for you.

100% worth the investment into yourself and your business. You have it within you to grow. You already have the car and the highways to drive on to take you to your destination… this program provides the roadmap to get there the right way!

Scott Hudspeth
Mortgage Loan Specialist,
Kalamazoo Mortgage
Kalamazoo, MI

“Doren is a Go-Giver!”

Doren comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients and members. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Doren as I have.

George McGuire
FHA Mortgage Loan Expert,
Great American Mortgage Banc
Cincinnati, OH

“Highly Recommended!”

Doren Aldana is an extremely forward thinking individual that knows how to find the best solution for the client. He has earned the trust of not only his clients, but the industry partners that he works with. Doren is always on the edge of the technology that brings forth the best way to serve his client’s needs. Doren comes with our highest recommendations!

Jay Rodriguez
Loan Officer
Austin, TX

“My Loan Volume Went Up 295% in Just 4 Months!”

I was doing about $1.5M in production per month. I was stuck, frustrated and overweight. Seemed like I was banging my head against an invisible glass ceiling, recreating the wheel every month.

The worst part was that I knew I was capable of so much more, but just kept spinning my wheels, chasing shiny objects and wasting my time on crap leads that don’t convert… constantly working where my “next deal” is going to come from, and hoping and praying for the sale of my next mortgage payment, that no deals implode.

I had heard of Doren through Brenda Dintino who has been a Top Producer in her own right for many years. I wanted to know what I could do to emulate her success and stop doing it the hard way.

I searched for Doren, clicked to watch the webinar, booked a breakthrough call, enrolled in his program , and the rest is history.

In just 4 months, I went from $1.5M/month to $4.43M/month in volume (that’s a 295% increase!) — earning me the coveted title as TOP PRODUCER OF THE MONTH in my office.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, I got back into a regular exercise routine through a local Boot Camp Class and I’m now in the best shape of my entire life. I replaced my flabby jelly roll into a ripped six-pack. This program has been a life changer on so many levels. Thank you Doren!

Mike Allen
President and CEO of Crown
Mortgage Company
Chicago, IL

“Doren Helped Me DOUBLE My Business in the Last 12 Months!”

During the period that Doren Aldana has been Crown’s marketing coach, we have received numerous marketing tips that have advanced our company. His skills, both written and verbal are outstanding. Doren has a way of thinking outside of the box with his mailers and marketing information. If you have a question, Doren provides knowledgeable resources to help get your questions answered. Doren supplies videos for both consumer and Realtors that are extremely educational. In fact, Doren’s Done4U Videos helped me DOUBLE my business in the last 12 months! Thank you Doren!

Jeffery L. Carter
Mortgage Professional
Peoples Bank & Trust
Hays, Kansas

“Extremely Innovative!”

Doren is one of the best mortgage coaches I have worked with. I have used his systems and strategies and they are on point! He is very thorough in his teachings and truly wants to help his clients succeed. I must say he is extremely innovative and stays ahead of the curve. Love him and his work!

Derek Campbell
Veritas Funding
Syracuse, Utah

“Creativity with Integrity!”

Doren is an expert at marketing and generating results. I would recommend him for anyone that wants to increase their business and bottom line. I was impressed with his creative approach, contagious positive attitude and accountability. Because of his straightforward answers and integrity I hold Doren in high regards.

David Bush
American Residential Funding
Des Moines, Iowa

“HUGE Value!”

Doren is a brilliant marketing mind who creates HUGE value for his coaching clients. I’ve utilized his marketing methods in my business and received a great ROI for the strategies I’ve implemented. He’s even granted me permission to share them with my clients and he didn’t charge me anything for it! If you get the chance to hear Doren speak on the topic of marketing or business growth, clear your calendar and make it priority! You’ll be thankful you made it happen.

Kellie Czarny
Loan Officer
Maitland, FL

“I Finally Cracked the Code on CONSISTENT Growth!”

I’ve been in the mortgage industry for 16 years, through all the good and the bad, and my biggest struggle since day one has always been inconsistency with my income. I’ve been averaging between $800k to $1.4k in volume per month for the past few years, and the stress of worrying where my “next deal” was coming from drove me crazy, especially in the slower months. By the time I reached out to Doren, I was ready for a change, ready to get off the roller coaster and step up my game.

I’m happy to say that after just 3 months of working with Doren and his amazing team, I’ve gone from an average of $1M/month to $2M/month in loan volume (DOUBLED MY INCOME!), and better yet, my pipeline continues to build with CONSISTENCY. In fact, thanks to Doren’s killer marketing tools & strategies, I was able to land a TOP agent who does over 100 transactions per year, without even meeting them in person! True story. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my progress and excited for the bright future ahead! Thank you Doren!!!

Devon Peterson
Loan Officer
Schaumburg, IL

“My Production Went Up 270% in Just a Few Months!”

Very happy and worth every penny. I was VERY skeptical at first as I see many types of coaching programs all over the place. This one is the real deal. It offered more than what I expected and that very rarely happens. Since I took the course, my production went up 270% and I am just getting started. My biggest “Ah Ha” moment was when I was able to realize and accept the paradigm shift in my own head after just 3 weeks in! That alone enabled me to engage agents with a WHOLE new mindset. Awesome!

Michael Chabot
Branch Manager
Castle Rock, CO

“Get Ready for Total Life Transformation!”

This program is life changing. Be prepared for a total life transformation. You won’t regret it.

Debbie Knight
Mortgage Loan Originator at FirstTrust Home Loans, Inc.

“Doren Aldana WILL help you realize more is possible”

Doren Aldana is an amazing motivator and I always thought I was too! But he is very well read and knows instinctively what is holding you back from being as successful as you are set up to be. Whether that is fear, lack of self confidence or a fear of the word “no”, he breaks it down for us so we too can see why we aren’t becoming all that we are pre-wired to become! You probably had a successful year in 2020 in the mortgage business and you might be saying to yourself, “I totally got this!” Ask yourself some questions, are you set up for 85% purchases and 15% refi? Do you have the best realtors in your market referring YOU their business. If not, don’t hesitate to enroll in Doren Aldana’s program. He WILL help you realize more is possible and once you start living with that mindset you will be surprised at where that extra swagger will take you! I mean the guy even texted me tonight! That is how much he buys in to me and my success. I wish much success to all of you as well. I decided to invest in me and my business and I hope you too will see you are worthy of such an investment in you and your business!

Jason Cope
Loan Officer
Santa Ana, CA

“Nothing Short of Amazing!”

I’m a newbie to the mortgage business but not to the sales business. I was looking to get a jump start to my career and got it. I had no lead source and no realtor partners when I started. Now, I have a consistent stream of leads and 10 solid realtors that consider me their go-to guy (some seasoned, some new). I am now producing $1M a month in volume and know it will continue to grow.

Doren’s program is nothing short of amazing. Not only do you get the bump in your production that I’m sure everyone is looking for, but you also get a new and organized perspective on life. With the right systems in place, your business becomes easier, more efficient, and most importantly, more profitable. Follow the proven path and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Terri Core
Loan Officer
Austin, TX

“My Annual Income Became Monthly Income in Just 3 Months!”

When I first met Doren I was struggling to do 1 deal per month. To make matters worse, my hubby was going through chemo and my biggest fear was losing him and having to raise my four kids without him — and without enough cash flow! Needless to say, I needed this to work! So, I took the leap and after just 3 months I’ve turned my annual income into my monthly income! I can’t tell you how much Doren’s coaching has changed my life. Thank you!

Brenda Dintino
Sr. Loan Officer
Tustin, CA

“400% Revenue Increase In Just 2 Years!”

Thanks to Doren’s referral strategies, I quadrupled my business in less than 2 years (going from 14 to 68 deals per month), and was recently recognized in Mortgage Executive Magazine as one of the elite Top 1% Originators in North America. Doren is the Real Deal.

Misty Sessions

Loan Officer,
North Star Mortgage

“I have been able to grow my partnerships with real estate agents, increase my referrals and increase my closings per month”

This program really was great for my business. I was able to grow in confidence when talking to super star agents. I have been able to grow my partnerships with real estate agents, increase my referrals and increase my closings per month. I was hesitant to start this program, but I am so glad that I did.

Brittany Jo Quesnell

Loan Officer,
Raven Mortgage

“They helped me implement systems that I had dreamed of adding to my business and NEVER did.”

I feel so fortunate to have been connected with Doren right before the COVID19 pandemic hit our economy, I was armed and ready to add value to my realtor partners and be the beacon of hope for my real estate community. They helped me implement systems that I had dreamed of adding to my business and NEVER did. I am gaining new realtor partners every week and so proud of myself. Sign up, show up and Doren will show you the fastest way to the cash ! Thank you Doren and team! Lots of Love from your favorite Alaska gal!

Heather Brandt

Mortgage Broker,
DLC Mortgage Force

” If you feel like Mortgage coaching would benefit you, I would highly recommend this!”

Doren’s unmatched ability to focus on and blend ALL aspects of what it takes to succeed in this industry was extremely helpful to me! From mindset work to practical systems and strategies, it took all the guess work out of where the best use of my time should be spent. Also learning what realtors look for in great mortgage partners & how I can help them succeed only creates a win/win synergy where everyone’s happy, most importantly the client! If you feel like Mortgage coaching would benefit you, I would highly recommend this! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Heather Brandt🤓

Shane Whitteker

Principle Home Mortgage

“Having access to Doren and his strategies is a game changer.”

My experience with Doren and his program has been great. Doren has a lot of good information and really good processes to help grow your business. I tend to be more of a product and numbers guy. Having access to Doren and his strategies is a game changer. It really makes a difference having access to ideas outside of how I was operating. I highly recommend Doren’s program.

James McDonald

Loan Consultant,
Mortgage Concierge powered by J&J Coastal Lending

“Not only did I receive some great education and coaching, I’ve made some new lifelong friends that I communicate weekly with to support one another and keep the juices flowing.”

I was a skeptical man having been burned on so called “mortgage coaches” in the past. Then I bit the bullet and signed up for Doren’s 8 week program, investing in my future self rather than fixating on the present.
For those of you that share my faith it was like going to a revival on a weekly basis. No better way to start off than getting a Hallelujah of what my mission is every Monday. Most of the time it felt like I was going to church and feeling that pumped up feeling and exhilarating thrill of meeting with like minded people shooting for the same goal.
Not only did I receive some great education and coaching, I’ve made some new lifelong friends that I communicate weekly with to support one another and keep the juices flowing.
This Los Angelino is very pleased he made the investment.

Cheryl Wilkes

Mortgage Broker

“I’ve maintained year over year volume and am working a third less time.”

Dorens marketing systems and training have changed how I run my Business.
I’ve maintained year over year volume and am working a third less time.
I would suggest anyone looking to be more efficient, looking to get better systems in place and work smarter not harder to chat with Doren! 👌😎

Penny Wrightly

Mortgage Broker and Owner,
The Mortgage Centre Hometown Financial

“I have learned so far and in only 45 days have 460 total leads with an amazing 57% response rate, 30+ new applications and more on the way.”

simply put, Doren’s program is a game changer. I have only implemented about 1/2 of what I have learned so far and in only 45 days have 460 total leads with an amazing 57% response rate, 30+ new applications and more on the way. Once implementing the entire program, we should technically be unstoppable! Great support, tools, systems, and overall experience is 5 out of 5+++

Jeff Nunley

Peak Mortgage

“In fact, using his simple marketing method, I was able to attract 4 new VIP Realtor partners and generate an extra $18,000 in commissions within just 90 days!”

Before I started working with Doren, I had two big problems. First, I didn’t have enough quality leads. Second, I was spending too much time on the smaller, tougher loans. I’m happy to say Doren’s program helped me fix both problems. In fact, using his simple marketing method, I was able to attract 4 new VIP Realtor partners and generate an extra $18,000 in commissions within just 90 days! And the best part is, I’m just getting started.

Jim Carpeneti

Guild Mortgage Company

“Through the FB Ad strategy I now have over 400 leads with a 36% response rate since Nov. 4th 2018.”

So, I started with Doren in late October. I can’t tell how much it’s changed my thought process about the mortgage business. Talking with a high producing realtors has never been easier. Through the FB Ad strategy I now have over 400 leads with a 36% response rate since Nov. 4th 2018. The best part is that I only talk to the leads that respond through the automated system. I’ll tell you this, once I tap into the whole system, it’s ON!!!! I’ve tapped into about 15% of the system, and it’s working. 5 out 5 stars from me. Thanks Doren!

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